The New Year’s Post

I know. It’s the 19th of January.

Back about two months ago I started thinking about redesigning the web site and writing a new business plan and many other highly desirable and worthy things to do to get my business into a higher gear. And then…. just as if the mere act of thinking about improving my business I had a rush of enquiries. 3 to be exact. The first two were for images already shot but the last was for a project that might last a year or more. It isn’t a full time for a year or more project but it is a good start to the year.

I had also put lots of thought into writing a really profound New Year’s Post but have decided to skip it this year. It occurred to me that if I didn’t put something up soon it would be February and my fabulous 1st post of the year would be old before it was published.

So here is one of my favourite motivational images.


It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a whole new year to screw up.

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