What’s the Story?

Several months ago Dave Press and I met up for an ideas session on promo images. We had coffee and talked and I came up with an idea he wasn’t sure of at the time. Nevertheless I did shoot several images for this idea. When it came to processing I didn’t think I had all the parts I needed and so didn’t even begin to put them together. The missing ingredient was a jukebox and I hadn’t got one. Time was limited and finding the right jukebox wasn’t a priority. Other images were made. They were used and the original idea was forgotten.

Until a few hours ago. Then I was looking over some images for another purpose entirely and I came across the girl. I loved the shape. I guess I’m funny that way. And so I played around with it and then remembered what it had been shot for. Just for the hell of it I decided to go ahead with a different composition and see how it would turn out without the jukebox. I think it turned out okay. The jukebox was more of a prop rather than a character in the original idea. It was to be there to provide the “motivation” for the girl.

But the main point of the image was layers of interest and depth. I wanted to see if I could have an obviously sexy woman in a major part of the frame and for her to somehow not be the centre of interest.

You be the judge. What is the story here? If you had to write a caption about it what would it be?


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3 comments on “What’s the Story?
  1. Ron Kule says:

    Caption: “We could blow this pop stand any second now.”

  2. dave luck says:

    A house of cards versus a house of ill-repute …. which is the more sustainable ?

  3. Michelle Ceijas says:

    A caption is usually one line, I believe. If I had to choose one line, it would be the woman sitting, thinking, “Regret is the result of the farce I’ve built my life of.”

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