It’s Valentine’s Day Soon

Gorgeous Hunk

Gorgeous Hunk

I’ve been having some fun making creepy Halloween images like this Gorgeous Hunk. Click it to see it larger.  As I was gazing into his eyes I remembered Valentine’s Day is coming up (:-)) and thought I’d make a special offer for those who’d like to give something a little bit special to a special person in their life.

I decided not to give the same treatment to a female subject. It just didn’t seem right, at least not without her permission. I’m fairly confident this guy can live with it coz he’s a geezer.

But it’s a fairly good bet that most readers are of the female persuasion. I’m doing a special shoot in a few days and will add something from that here as a sample.

What’s the special deal? It’s posted on my Facebook page. That’s where any kind of special deals get posted. So if you go to there and “Like” the page you’ll be informed of all future deals that get posted there.

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  1. I like the lighting on this. it’s very interesting.


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