And a most welcome one at that. I have been busy in London for a few days and just got back. So I’m catching up on email and blogs I follow and there is what looks to be a cool piece in Lighting Essentials

Lighting Essentials is a pretty high profile blog by a successful pro photographer who teaches others as well as shoots commercially.

So I read the post and start to look at the images. I’m thinking there is some cool stuff here and then…

I almost fell off my seat. It isn’t just one of my own pics, it’s a self portrait. You can see the rest of the post here.

So why is this posted under “business related” and why should you care? Glad you asked.

I re-started my career as a photographer in January of this year after a 25 year break mostly in IT. This domain name was only registered in mid January. I have worked daily since then to promote the site and myself as a portrait shooter. I have a Facebook account along with Twitter and Flickr and others are coming soon. I have studied SEO for photographers and other kinds of businesses and am putting it into practice as I go along.

I’m not sure I’m doing everything right but it is good to get an acknowledgement that I have at least been doing something right.

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One comment on “Surprise
  1. Indeed. This is a very nice image with style and drama and the ability to tell a story. With the gritty post and the exposed paper behind the subject, the shot really did command the screen from the thumbs. Great job.

    Now shoot some more and share!

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