With And Without A Studio

I’ve been wanting a studio for at least two years. Pretty much since I got a reasonable grasp of lighting. Since then I have dreamed of having a space I can have lights permanently set up with some props and backgrounds and stuff.

Yesterday I was offered some studio space about 3 miles from where I live near Sharpthorne in Sussex. It is available pretty much whenever I need it from a good friend and fellow shooter Sam Wordie. This is very good news and I intend to make good use of it.

However…. I’ve come to realize that having a studio might give me total control of lighting but it doesn’t give me everything I could possibly need. Take this picture for instance.

Ken is a cantankerous wonderful subject. As a former photographer himself he knows how to sit and criticize your lighting setup pose.

The gorgeous oak paneled wall just out of focus in the background will not be available in the studio. This was shot yesterday at home in a small room I have been getting by with as a studio. It too doesn’t have oak panels on the walls. In fact the oak comes from a different location altogether. But it dropped in nicely.

I always make a point of getting shots of anything that might make a good backdrop. It is amazing how frequently they come in handy. I have several types of wall and am always looking out for new ones as well as other kinds of props that might come in handy.

Here is the same shot before dropping in the wall.

Ken still looks like a fine figure of a man but oak panels say one thing and blinds, a desk and a radiator say something else.

The point here is that if you’re half decent with photoshop and you make a habit of collecting background and prop shots you can save a lot of time and money and get pretty good results.

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