Sometimes It Happens


…. and a piece of kit stops working. In this case the second flash I was to be using on this shoot just refused to work correctly. Fortunately the other one still worked fine. But this totally changed the mood I was going for and the look I had wanted was no longer possible with what I had to hand. I had intended to go for a wild man of the woods kind of thing but with limited time and a cold model I decided to go for something completely different.

The shoot is just the first step for just about every image I make where I intend to make a scene with a character rather than a portrait. Shoots don’t usually take very long when props, make-up and all that stuff is at a minimum, compared to the next stage which is the processing, after editing down the images to the ones I want to work further on. These are tweaked in various ways until I end up with the final image. Someimes it takes a few minutes and other times several hours. The shoot lasted about 30 minutes total. The processing considerably longer.

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