Natalie Again

It’s been quite a long time since I did this particular shoot with Natalie and quite a bit has happened in between that and this current post (not that you’d think so considering I posted about that shoot just a couple of posts below this one). But I knew there was more than I had originally seen and so I revisited the files and found a few more that I liked. Then I processed them newly while thinking about a new project I have and this is what came out of it. They are quite different to the originals and I’m liking them. This one is my new favourite.



There is a moral to this story as well. A few weeks ago I decided on a new and controversial policy about my work which is to deliberately introduce a delay between the shoot and the delivery of the final images of at least two weeks. Not usually a good business idea. Normally I would want the least amount of delay and certainly wouldn’t introduce a delay deliberately. But the fact of the matter is I find my judgement isn’t as good until I’ve had a chance to completely detach myself from the shooting session and the images for a period of time that could be a few days to a couple of weeks. When I return to them I am a better editor. I choose better images than I would have otherwise done and I also do a better job of processing them.

I am working on ways of reducing this time but for now it stands.


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