Don’t ask me to be your next motivational speaker

You've a whole new day to screw up

Call me cynical but I can’t stand those positive thinking standards such as “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. It’s a true enough statment but there’s something altogether wet about it in that it’s quite close to being a useful truth without actually being one by itself. The speaker acts as if he has said something profound. My reply is usually something like, “Yeah but did you know that without Tomorrow there can be No Future?” Or if it’s a politician I’d ask, “Do you intend to put the Great back in Britain?”

This is a scene that is about a half mile walk up the road from ARTS House. I call it the Plawhatch Lookout but that isn’t it’s real name. This was shot just over two years ago and processed early this morning. One of my pet hates is to see framed pictures with captions beneath them. I have a voice in my head that shouts captions should not be needed if the image is good enough. But in this case “A new day” came to mind and that reminded me of another pet hate of mine; motivational speakers who say things like the above.

So I’ve decided to call it “You’ve a whole new day to screw up”.  Could be the begining of a whole new series.

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2 comments on “Don’t ask me to be your next motivational speaker
  1. Paul says:

    Very nice. Although the title tends to screw it up a bit. Unless this is the first image of the rest of a series….in which case it’s perfect.

  2. The title is brilliant. You’re an ass. See? I’m good with people too.

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