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James Moore - The LED Man

James Moore - The LED Man

This is James Moore. He’s a cool guy. We met a few weeks ago at a networking meeting in East Grinstead. He sells LED lighting products for hotels, pubs, car parks, you name it. As I have recently been hearing a lot of positive things about LED lights from some noteworthy photographers I asked him if he had anything suitable. He was honest enough to say he wasn’t sure but I would be welcome to have a look and a demo.

So we met today at The Swan in Forest Row. The lights were interesting. Quite powerful but not powerful enough to get much use from me. The above was shot with the most powerful light he had with him as the key light which was across the table from him at camera left. The light from the tube gave some nice highlights but the tube had to be that close to pull it off. I don’t normally talk technical on here but in this case it seems relevant to give my settings for this shot – 1/30th at 5.6 at ISO 100. Handheld with in camera stabilisation the results aren’t bad at all. Of course it isn’t straight out of camera. The colours have been shifted somewhat and there were some other tweeks but the lighting was totally LED.

James runs The Green Light Company and has a Dutch website but he’s a good guy nonetheless 🙂

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