The Kursaal – Southend-on-Sea

Around 110 years ago The Kursaal was the only amusement park in the world. It used to occupy a site of many acres and was a place of mystery and wonder to me as a boy growing up in the area. Today it’s grand entrance hall is pretty much all that survives. But it still has some magic for me.

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2 comments on “The Kursaal – Southend-on-Sea
  1. Tom says:

    Hey Bernie!
    I’m totally blown away by your photo from kursaal!

    My band Cryssis (Germany / England) have written a song about “Kursall Nights” as they grew up in the 70s and are going to release a record in early 2013 with that name.

    Is it possible to use this image for the record cover?! if yes please let us know what you need to have!!



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