Horsted Keynes Station

This is Horsted Keynes Station which is part of the Bluebell Line in Sussex. The line is shortly to run as far as East Grinstead to Sheffield Park. I’m intending to get some movie scene type shots at this station in the coming months. I’ll be needing models so if you are in the East Grinstead area or near the border of East and West Sussex and want to join in the fun let me know.

horsted keynes station

Horsted Keynes Station

It is a fine station filled with posters and decor of the ’50s and ’60s. A time that in many ways was more free than today.

The picture is not a straight photograph. It is a merger of 4 different images. 3 are different exposures of the same scene. The sky is from another picture entirely.

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3 comments on “Horsted Keynes Station
  1. Miserere says:

    A great image of “old England”; brings back memories… Reminds me of walking back to a station on a Sunday evening after having visited friends in the country. You brought it all back.

    I love how well you “placed” that puddle reflecting the highest chimney. I also commend you on your restraint in handling those HDR sliders 🙂

  2. Bernie says:

    Yeah the inside of the station has a lot more evocative ads. Whatever happened to R.Whites anyway?

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