Editing A Shoot

Here is yet another pic from an old shoot that I had overlooked at the time.

There was another image of this same subject that I liked a whole lot better, in fact it is in my portfolio for that reason, but it still has much that I like about it. In hindsight that is. At the time of the shoot it was completely overlooked.

I’ve been cleaning up one of my hard drives and clearing out pictures that I know I will never use. Once I had decided to delete those images I would never use I took a more critical look at the images and found quite a few that may well be used one way or another.

So I’m adopting a new practice with my files. I will continue to look at them and get what I consider the best of them out soon after the shoot but I will look at them again after at least a week has passed and do a new edit.

Sometimes you have to separate yourself from your most recent work in order to see it better.

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