Drummer: Roger Nunn

As mentioned a week or two ago Roger Nunn wanted some promo type images. I’d been looking forward to this session for a while and had dreamed up a few scenes. On the day the weather wasn’t kind and it was also quite late in the day when we began.

We started on a roof in the heart of the City of London.

Looking south towards the Thames.

Looking north. Yes that is St Paul’s Cathedral.

Looking west toward Blackfriars. It was quite tricky getting Roger on to that platform. I told him I was insured but he still took a little persuading.

Roger is basically a nice guy but looking like one isn’t always called for. So we went for a sinister kind of thing here.

And lastly the sulking in an alley type look which is compulsory for all rock musicians. In this case Roger wanted coffee and there was none to be had.

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One comment on “Drummer: Roger Nunn
  1. larry says:

    Photo with work boots and downcast skyline reminded me of of the working class family of John Lennon up there NW from London by the Mersey. His drum sticks separate him from the beingness of miner, ship builder, carpenter, dock worker all of whom he could be. All good photos show character and these are rich in character as opposed to portraiture. Your subject is the product of his environment who has overcome inherent obstacles. He has elevated himself above the landmarks of business and commerce but with religion (the church dome) on an equal plane behind him. All said, he has remained true to himself, his history, his environment, all which shape not only the man, but also the music, as the natural extension and product of this identity and soul person.

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