On Being Creative

Last night I came across Chase Jarvis’s “The Consequences of Creativity” video. I remember seeing at least two of his teaser ads for this and a subsequent spoof of one of those by Joe McNally. These were really good but I failed to get that they were teasers for something I could have seen months ago! The main event (below) was missed. My view of Chase after seeing this went up by several notches and it was pretty high before.

So as it is around an hour long I thought I’d tell you a bit about it so you can decide whether or not to bother seeing it. I suggest you do bother if you are a creative and want to continue to be one on your own terms. That is what this is about and I found it to be a great help in sorting out my confusions regarding what to promote myself as. In a recent post “In Search of Style” I pondered the problem of whether to portfolio the work I want to do or the work I know I can sell. Chase answered that for me. So if you are in a similar position this would be a good one to sit back and watch.

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