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It’s been a v.v.v.v. long time

Yes it has. I’ve been stolen away on a project that should have taken two months but has somehow stretched to a whole lot more. The end is in sight but isn’t quite here yet. In the meantime I wanted

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Another Charlie Video

[youtube_video]CW1_N9Bd1V4[/youtube_video] Silent but deadly

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An Interesting Evening

I spent Friday evening in the all too brief company of two amazing artists in two separate locations in London. The first was Trey Ratcliff who is an inspiring artist here to shoot and do some workshops. The second was

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Westfield Shopping Mall

This was shot back in February. It is a three exposure HDR picture. HDR stands for high dynamic range. It is a way of capturing a lot of detail in all areas of the picture. It is a technique requiring

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If Your Home Isn’t Haunted…

maybe I can help. I currently have a particular interest in bringing out and showing off to the world the evil characters within us. I am not afraid of the dark. In fact I love to explore it. If you’d

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Get it done Noir

This might just be my next business card.

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Another Aled Before and After

Same session. Before. I like the idea and the pose but the sky is just an interruption and the image lacks crispiness. Here’s the after. A bit more of a ’70s album cover look. Some people might be offended by

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