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Things seen as I go about my day that I photographed just because I liked the look of them and that didn’t require much preparation before shooting.

Portrait Photographer?

This is the famous leaning St Mary the Virgin Church in Little Wakering, Essex. You may think this not a suitable subject for a portrait photographer and you’d probably be right. But sometimes I like to do a personal project

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The Kursaal – Southend-on-Sea

Around 110 years ago The Kursaal was the only amusement park in the world. It used to occupy a site of many acres and was a place of mystery and wonder to me as a boy growing up in the

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Don’t ask me to be your next motivational speaker

Call me cynical but I can’t stand those positive thinking standards such as “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. It’s a true enough statment but there’s something altogether wet about it in that it’s quite

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Mysterious and Wonderful Places

This is a bit of nostalgia for something that will never return, at least not on the same scale. I spent many years in such places in the 70s and 80s. I totally love working in Photoshop but I also

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Wear It Again Sam

A few days ago on my way to a meeting I came across this new shop in East Grinstead called “Wear It Again Sam”. I almost didn’t go in as I was in a hurry but I just had to

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Say Something

Yes there’s a tree*… but also some other interesting looking stuff at around 5:30 in the morning recently. The picture is gratuitous. I wanted to make a post and posts on here look ugly without pictures. This post is about

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The Plawhatch Lookout

Blog posts without pictures look awful. So I thought I’d post one. This was made yesterday at what I call the Plawhatch Lookout. No idea what it’s really called. This picture looks considerably better at full res which is much

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62/365 Pretty Blossoms

Trees with blossom on the West Hoathly Road near East Grinstead in Sussex. A nice peaceful scene. Hard to imagine the b*****d who drove by so close as to almost knock me down as I crouched at the side of

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60/365 London Bus in East Grinstead

Fortunately I had a meeting in East Grinstead today. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about this bus being there in the old High Street. There were a bunch of different vintage busses and a larger bunch of enthusiasts

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57/365 Trampling Corn

Went for a walk with Aled and Rosie in Turners Hill today. He wanted to trample over the farmer’s crop so I got this as evidence.

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37/365 Promise of Spring

Weather still quite cold in Sussex but there are signs of spring all around.  Spotted these along the A22 today between East Grinstead and Forest Row. Actually there are lots of them around but these were nearby to where I

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24/365 The Moment

I’m working on my laptop without a proper keyboard and without a decent monitor. For those reasons I will not be writing much and I will not be sure exactly how the colour and contrast of the pic will look.

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8/365 On The Roof

Today I had a call from a client who asked if I were free today. I said yes. He said good. Be at blah blah in one hour for a shoot. Well okay. I like to work. But this was

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Horsted Keynes Station

This is Horsted Keynes Station which is part of the Bluebell Line in Sussex. The line is shortly to run as far as East Grinstead to Sheffield Park. I’m intending to get some movie scene type shots at this station

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Can I Go In The Water?

“Yes but if you get your clothes wet you’ll have to walk home. I don’t want my car seats to get wet and muddy”. So off she goes with her sister and cousin and they look so good with the

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Danny worked really hard for hours to get a really good finish on this van. It took me about 20 minutes to get a good finish on him! This was shot with the available light in a car park in

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