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Happy to be Inside

I’ve always liked this window and have made many pictures with it. But most were not satisfying.  Today I wanted to make something that summed up how I felt about the weather here right now. It was raining most of

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56/365 Let’s Go Bowling Dude

I was in Tescos in Forest Row and saw these skittles. For some reason they called to me so I bought them. Then when the person I had wanted to shoot today didn’t get back to me in time I

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27/365 An Old Wrinkly Thing

What do you mean it’s no different from yesterday’s post?

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15/365 Chandleresque

Okay so what’s the story with this? Well I had several opportunities to make pictures today but I decided to “leave it till later” when I thought my best opportunity would come. So of course it turned out that wasn’t

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13/365 Fruit Bowl

For at least a week I’ve been avoiding this picture. I just hadn’t come up with an idea of how to light and compose it. Tonight I was not feeling like making a picture for today. The last few days

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5/365 Orchids

Well today’s pic was quite a bit of work. I had shot two other setups before I did this one. The first was daffodils and it had some merits but I really didn’t like the composition and couldn’t find a

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