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Natalie Again

It’s been quite a long time since I did this particular shoot with Natalie and quite a bit has happened in between that and this current post (not that you’d think so considering I posted about that shoot just a

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Camden Town Shoot

  This image was made from an HDR made from a series of shots at the end of a session in Camden Town, London, yesterday. I was with a friend who wanted to learn more about HDR and I chose Camden

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Shoe Box Cover

This also came out of the other night’s one light shoot. Sort of. Well the face did. The rest is entirely fabricated. There is no client for this. I’ve just been exploring different ideas for where I’m interested in going

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Sometimes It Happens

…. and a piece of kit stops working. In this case the second flash I was to be using on this shoot just refused to work correctly. Fortunately the other one still worked fine. But this totally changed the mood

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Mysterious and Wonderful Places

This is a bit of nostalgia for something that will never return, at least not on the same scale. I spent many years in such places in the 70s and 80s. I totally love working in Photoshop but I also

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Processing Other Peoples’ Pictures

I have been friends with Ping since about 1995 when she walked up to me and with a very happy smile said “Hello, I am Ping”. She is an artist who now lives in Scotland but is originally from China.

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How to Pick the Winners

This is a picture that escaped me when I first edited the session several months ago. There were others I considered better at the time I edited and this just slipped me by. Looking over some old shoots today it

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Even More For Aled’s Website

Shot yesterday. I like ’em both but I particularly like the second one. It was an experiment with HDR and people. I wanted to create an eerie light effect that was kind of like an old film to give the

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Another Couple of Revisits

I’ve been working on my retouching skills and I think these are considerably better than the originals.

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Some Revisits

These are all newly processed from files shot months ago. I’ve reworked them in terms of my current preferences because I didn’t want to get too wet in the rain yesterday.

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What Happened?

This is an experimental picture of one of the more exotic rooms at ARTS House in Sharpthorne. It was made for day 32 of the 365 but never got posted. I have decided to stop the 365 after 76 days.

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66/365 First Pic Using CS/5

Working on that Bogey grimace. Back to shooting the same lousy model again. Sorry about that. But hey. This was processed using Photoshop CS/5. Not that there’s any difference from what would have been produced in CS/3 as I didn’t

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59/365 Hillary

Hillary is a teacher. She is staying at ARTS House for the weekend up from Devon. At first she approached the sitting with all the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist. So we chatted about teaching and football for

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58/365 Chair

You might not believe this but this pic took about 5 hours to make. If I had set out to make the image above it would have taken maybe half an hour. But this is in fact a failure. Of

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50/365 Liz Lets Loose

Yesterday you saw Liz on one of her few and far between better days. Today I’m aftraid she reverted to form after drinking some camomile tea. And today is day 50 of the project. It has gone remarkably fast. I’m

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33/365 Tomas in Fog

I wanted to test the new noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom 3.2 and this was partly for that purpose. Shot at 1600 iso then processed first in Lightroom and then in Photoshop. The NR is amazing. Truly amazing. In other

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18/365 Red Hot

Jasmine is back. This was one of those times when the idea came in a flash, the setup took about 5 minutes, the shoot took less than 5 minutes and the processing took two hours. For those who might not

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Finding A Context

These two guys looked okay in the studio shot, which is straight out of camera, but I felt they needed to be somewhere grittier. I also wanted more of a documentary style and more of a film look. This is

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Aled – Before and After

I’ve been told to put my before and after images in that order so here is the before first. It isn’t particularly exciting. But I’d been imagining the end result for about a week before we did the shoot which,

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Aaron – before and after processing

Above is the finished result and it took a bit of work. It started with simple removal of dirt marks on the background and general cleanup. There were curves, colour balance and saturation adjustments.  Lots of dodging and burning. Noise

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I’m just done with the processing on the above image of Alex. I like it. I hope he does too. Below you can see the image as it appeared straight out of camera. So rather than describe everything I did

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