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Natalie Again

It’s been quite a long time since I did this particular shoot with Natalie and quite a bit has happened in between that and this current post (not that you’d think so considering I posted about that shoot just a

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Which Witch?

This may not be the best example of standard portrait photography but then I’m not much of a standard portrait photographer. I find myself getting more and more involved in making images that are themselves made up of several other

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This is Adrianne. She is very sweet and has tons of spirit.  

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Chris Carter

Chris is about to launch a website for his new book which is a detective story set in New York in the sixties. Chris is one of the most knowledgable people on the planet on the subject of The Velvet

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Rebecca is a very sweet girl. How do I know? I’m her very proud Daddy.

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Things To Do In Car Parks

Andrea came over last week and we discussed a proper shoot with costumes and props and that kind of thing. It will be happening some time soon. We got to talking about movies as we want to make something that

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This Is Not Kevin Costner

This is Lee Gellie. I was at Bluebells in East Grinstead tonight to make some band pictures. I can’t show those yet but I wanted to put something new up. This was shot earlier in the evening.

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The Outtake That Sneaked Into My Portfolio

This was the first shot from a session last May. It wasn’t even meant to be a “real” shot. We were going for something entirely different and this was a kind of break the ice type shot. I grabbed it

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Jasmine Back Shot

Jasmine again from March of this year hence the devastatingly witty title. She looks beautiful, confident and classy. Which means this is a good “likeness”.

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Hello, I am Ping

Ping is an artist who lives in London. We have been friends for years but hadn’t seen each other for about the last four years at least.  I believe the first thing she ever said to me was “Hello, I

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Another Couple of Revisits

I’ve been working on my retouching skills and I think these are considerably better than the originals.

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Shooting Shilpa

Spent some time with my friend Shilpa today and made these. I shot her eldest son while she made changes. All in all a fun day.

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Artists @ Casablanca East Grinstead

Went to an arts event at Casablanca in East Grinstead tonight. Grabbed these outside. Wish I could remember the guy’s name in the first picture but I can say he was a very good singer and story teller. (Edit) His

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Sometimes I can become quite obsessed with a face especially when it is one of my own children. These two were shot a few days apart in the last 10 days or so.

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Ludwig Amadeus

A.K.A. Ludwig Amadeus. Is a very good London based musician who I spent a few hours with recently shooting. We had intended to get some shots up on a roof in Central London but the rain that day put paid

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Aled and Tommy

Thanks to a booking that didn’t happen I had my student Aled with me who had come along to assist last night. He has this amazing Tommy gun. Couldn’t resist really.

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By Request

I was going to write “by popular demand” but I didn’t think one email would justify such language. But I did get one request so that is a good enough excuse so I am hereby posting the “evil” Gary Byrne

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75/365 Gary Byrne

Sometimes being a geezer and a photographer is tough. As a photographer I think this guy is really good looking but as a geezer it just isn’t something I would openly admit. Such is life. Mr Byrne came to ARTS

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73/365 It’s Him Again

Continuing my “blue period” we have this offering made after watching half of Sin City. Shot with three strobes two of which were gelled with blue and red. The third was really only used for firing one of the others

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71/365 Petroula

Did a headshot session today for Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer. The above was my favourite. Just got through editing. Headshot sessions are interesting but I have discovered they are not the same as portrait sessions and the end results might be very

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70/365 Linnie

Last time Linnie stayed at ARTS House near East Grinstead she was subjected to this. So this time when she asked for something a little more becoming of her I had to oblige. This is a somewhat truer likeness.

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67/365 Bram

Not Stoker, although he does have some similar characteristics such as getting a bit flappy late at night. No this is Bram whose surname I don’t know. But he is a Dutchman currently staying at ARTS House near Sharpthorne and

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61/365 Pupak Again

Forest Row artist Pupak Haghighi-Brinch. This is the second session with Pupak. I could do many more. I wrote some time ago about shooting portraits and at the time I pondered the idea of making one ultimate image that would

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59/365 Hillary

Hillary is a teacher. She is staying at ARTS House for the weekend up from Devon. At first she approached the sitting with all the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist. So we chatted about teaching and football for

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54/365 Susanne Lawrence

Susanne Lawrence is an artist who lives somewhere between East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells.

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52/365 Count Baron Von Alucard

This is a portrait of my father the Count Baron Von Alucard. You can find out more about him on his website.

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50/365 Liz Lets Loose

Yesterday you saw Liz on one of her few and far between better days. Today I’m aftraid she reverted to form after drinking some camomile tea. And today is day 50 of the project. It has gone remarkably fast. I’m

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48/365 Dave Press

Dave Press is an amazing guitarist.  I am proud to say that this is the first shot of a series I will be making over the coming weeks that will amount to the first of my unusual local people projects.

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47/365 Wolfgang

We had just done a fairly standard, safe, profile portrait and then I switched the lighting and props around so as to get this. Quite like it.

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46/365 Pupak

This is Pupak. A very interesting lady who got a group of local artists in the Ashdown Forest area together and helped them form a group to facilitate collaboration and help each other with marketing and such. We met today

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41/365 “The Future is Within Our Grasp”

Saw Max today. He begged me for another portrait. I eventually gave in. Then he spent an hour and a half in make-up and another hour getting his hair just right. At the end of that he was so excited

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39/365 Selma

Selma is a guest in East Grinstead from Holland. Her mother recently featured here and her father may do as well some time soon. The family are staying at the best guest house in the East Grinstead area, ARTS House,

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35/365 Andy

Very close to the East Grinstead Rubgy Club lives a man who, well, let’s just say lives a man called Andy. I want to keep this site family safe.

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East Grinstead Portraits Project

I have had this idea for months if not a year. I’m planning on shooting and writing about some local people and businesses and publishing the results on a special page here. The kind of people I want to do

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31/365 At Last

At last I got to shoot my good friend Liz who I’ve wanted to shoot for the last two years. And yes I acknowledge at last someone who is a pleasure to look at rather than myself. How did it

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28/365 Here’s Looking At Me

Well what can I say? No client shoots today. Got some bookings but currently all after Easter. Some interesting ones in East Grinstead and Forest Row and another in Turners Hill. So lots more marketing to do. That is becoming

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25/365 Danny

This is Danny. A cool looking Dude.

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23/365 Got a Light Mac?

I’ve been looking at the studio pictures of the ’40s see. You know the ones. They used to send them out to all the fans with a fake signature on ’em. Anyways so I got to thinkin’. I wonder if

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19/365 Des

I hadn’t seen Des to talk to for at least 10 years. We met today by chance and later organised a session which took place around 11:30pm. This was one of several keepers.

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What is a Portrait? or How Much do you Charge?

What is a portrait? This is going to be one long post. If you aren’t an artist you’ll probably be better off skipping it. If you are an artist you might still be better off skipping it but you may

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10/365 Charlie’s Picture

This is Charlie of London wedding and portrait photographers Charlies Pictures. Shot with two strobes. One camera left is blue gelled and is fired through a wooden box lid that had some holes in it. It gave an interesting background

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6/365 Angelo

This is Angelo. A frequent question from sitters is “What shall I do with my hands?” One solution is to give them something to hold. In this case it worked out well. Angelo skimmed the book, a treatise on economics

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3/365 Sad Max

Meet Max. Not sure if the mood matches the face. But what a face. He’s a wow with the girls.

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Aled and Sian

Aled and Sian came over yesterday for a shoot. Here are some of the shots. These are the English equivalent of high school senior portraits if there is an English equivalent. If there isn’t then I’ll just have to get

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Another from 2008

Another from the same day as Orv below. This is Lacey. In fact this is another one I missed when I first looked at what I had. It has been very slightly cropped and colour balanced but other than that

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This was shot around Christmas 2008 but I only just got around to processing it. I had setup in a room and just had people come down and made several pictures of each of them. At the time my only

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Sometimes there is no one else around

It took around 29 attempts to get the pose right. I bashed my shin on the chair several times in the rush to get into position. I’m happier with it than I thought I would be. Here’s the almost straight

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