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Sometimes It Happens

…. and a piece of kit stops working. In this case the second flash I was to be using on this shoot just refused to work correctly. Fortunately the other one still worked fine. But this totally changed the mood

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The Light Sabre and That Other Thing

This is James Moore. He’s a cool guy. We met a few weeks ago at a networking meeting in East Grinstead. He sells LED lighting products for hotels, pubs, car parks, you name it. As I have recently been hearing

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Uninspiring Locations

I don’t always get to shoot on exotic beaches or fabulous ruined mansions. In fact I pretty much never get to shoot in such places. Some photographers can rely on their locations to inspire. I love good locations but they

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73/365 It’s Him Again

Continuing my “blue period” we have this offering made after watching half of Sin City. Shot with three strobes two of which were gelled with blue and red. The third was really only used for firing one of the others

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72/365 The Lemonade Cookie

A cookie (or cookaloris to give it it’s full name) is something placed between a light source and the surface that light is intended to fall on. It’s purpose is to make the light more interesting by introducing shapes for

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68/365 Watching

Yes this is late. It was shot at about 11:00pm last night and processed immeditaely. At the time of the shoot my right eye was streaming tears. With every flash it was like a needle poking around in my eye.

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50/365 Liz Lets Loose

Yesterday you saw Liz on one of her few and far between better days. Today I’m aftraid she reverted to form after drinking some camomile tea. And today is day 50 of the project. It has gone remarkably fast. I’m

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49/365 The Flower

Liz wanted a picture showing this plant that had suddenly flowered after years of not flowering. I wanted to do more lighting on different planes similar to yesterday’s shot of Dave Press. This was the result.

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28/365 Here’s Looking At Me

Well what can I say? No client shoots today. Got some bookings but currently all after Easter. Some interesting ones in East Grinstead and Forest Row and another in Turners Hill. So lots more marketing to do. That is becoming

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26/365 Missing Jasmine

Jasmine has left. She was a great model. I’m having to resort to using myself again. Too bad eh? Anyway back from London now sitting near East Grinstead.  Good to be able to work with a decent monitor again and

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23/365 Got a Light Mac?

I’ve been looking at the studio pictures of the ’40s see. You know the ones. They used to send them out to all the fans with a fake signature on ’em. Anyways so I got to thinkin’. I wonder if

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15/365 Chandleresque

Okay so what’s the story with this? Well I had several opportunities to make pictures today but I decided to “leave it till later” when I thought my best opportunity would come. So of course it turned out that wasn’t

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7/365 Give Me A Headline

This began as a simple concept and rapidly became more complex. Originally it was just to be a girl’s hand reaching for an apple. But then I had Jasmine get behind the apple just to see what it would look

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1/365 Cheddar

I thought I’d start off with something different. I’ve never shot food before. It was a learning experience. Among other things next time I’ll know to make sure everything in the shot that isn’t part of the food doesn’t have

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Making Sunshine With Josh

David Hobby of Strobist has been banging on about “on axis fill” for a while and I finally remembered I wanted to play with the idea a little when I was in a situation that might warrant it. That situation

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Shadows; Their Cause and Cure

More than half a lifetime ago I attended an art college where I studied photography. Now things may have gotten better since then but I somehow doubt it. Most of the students, myself included, were at college to avoid work

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