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Live Band Work

There is some aspect of any kind of work that has the potential to be fun to do. At least that’s my theory. In photography there are all kinds of work I don’t particularly like. Event photography is one of

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Showing “No Mercy”

Friend and Press Gang drummer Roger Nunn came over today to pick up some prints and to show me the cover of the Press Gang’s new album which now has the title “No Mercy”. The first hundred sold will be

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Another Charlie Video

[youtube_video]CW1_N9Bd1V4[/youtube_video] Silent but deadly

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A Video for Charlie

A sort of video anyway. [youtube_video]EuqHVJncmhg[/youtube_video] Click the link to see it. It may take a little while to load up.

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A Couple of Charlies

I’ve been working on a redesign for a  London wedding photographer and friend’s website. Work is still in progress on the site but I couldn’t resist putting something up. And if you’re in the market for a wedding photographer go

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