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The New Year’s Post

I know. It’s the 19th of January. Back about two months ago I started thinking about redesigning the web site and writing a new business plan and many other highly desirable and worthy things to do to get my business

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It’s been a v.v.v.v. long time

Yes it has. I’ve been stolen away on a project that should have taken two months but has somehow stretched to a whole lot more. The end is in sight but isn’t quite here yet. In the meantime I wanted

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What’s Going On?

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted in more than a month but it’s true. The last post was February 20th and it’s now March 28th. I’ve been very busy doing work that for the most part isn’t appropriate to

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A Couple of Shout Outs

No work to show right now. Working on too many websites for clients. Some good shoots but not really appropriate for the blog. But…. I came across two things in the last few hours I just had to shout out

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St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Pssst! Confidential service. Discretion assured. I’ll shoot anyone on your behalf. Who do you have on your better off shot list? Slip me their name and an email address and that’s it. I’ll take care of ’em. Why? I’m feeling

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It’s Valentine’s Day Soon

I’ve been having some fun making creepy Halloween images like this Gorgeous Hunk. Click it to see it larger.  As I was gazing into his eyes I remembered Valentine’s Day is coming up (:-)) and thought I’d make a special

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An Experimental New Product

[youtube]7CFOC5dHubo[/youtube] This one features some pictures from a shoot with musician and composer Ludwig Amadeus. Unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of him before putting this up so the music isn’t his. It’s mine. But I’m sure he’ll come through with

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Site Refreshed

Well it’s now 05:45 in the morning and I’ve just finished refreshing my portfolio and and website. Hope it meets with your approval. Having said that I would very much appreciate any feedback you would care to leave in the

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What’s Going On Around Here?

I’m in the middle of a review and redesign of my website. The main thing I wanted to do was to have visitors arrive on site and immediately see some of my portfolio pictures rather than the blog. I’ve more

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Still Alive

Thought it was about time I let you know I’m still alive even though I haven’t posted for a very long time. So here is a pic of my daughters to celebrate that I will be taking them off on

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Brian Duffy RIP

It was a few days ago but I only just found out myself. Brian was one of the great English fashion photographers of the 1960s. There is an excellent documentary about him and some of his work here. I liked

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What Happened?

This is an experimental picture of one of the more exotic rooms at ARTS House in Sharpthorne. It was made for day 32 of the 365 but never got posted. I have decided to stop the 365 after 76 days.

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Did You Know

I haven’t made a post for four days? And I’m in the midst of a 365? Not really a whole lot to say about it. Computer crashed late Monday or early Tuesday. Lost a bunch of data and a good

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48/365 Dave Press

Dave Press is an amazing guitarist.  I am proud to say that this is the first shot of a series I will be making over the coming weeks that will amount to the first of my unusual local people projects.

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Just Sayin’

I heard there were manisfestos being published. Thought I’d try and help out by putting the main three parties intentions into one succinct image. Yes  I have used the same image before but not with quite the same text.

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East Grinstead Portraits Project

I have had this idea for months if not a year. I’m planning on shooting and writing about some local people and businesses and publishing the results on a special page here. The kind of people I want to do

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