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What Happened?

This is an experimental picture of one of the more exotic rooms at ARTS House in Sharpthorne. It was made for day 32 of the 365 but never got posted. I have decided to stop the 365 after 76 days.

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76/365 Sunny Day

The blinds weren’t completely drawn and a little bit of sunshine made it through into my world today. Never mind. I’ll be making sure the blinds are fully closed tomorrow in case it happens again.

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75/365 Gary Byrne

Sometimes being a geezer and a photographer is tough. As a photographer I think this guy is really good looking but as a geezer it just isn’t something I would openly admit. Such is life. Mr Byrne came to ARTS

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74/365 Pushing It

Alex Pownall doing a push up from a session today shot at the gym at the East Grinstead Rugby Club. Obvious really. Don’t know why I bothered with an explanation.

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73/365 It’s Him Again

Continuing my “blue period” we have this offering made after watching half of Sin City. Shot with three strobes two of which were gelled with blue and red. The third was really only used for firing one of the others

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72/365 The Lemonade Cookie

A cookie (or cookaloris to give it it’s full name) is something placed between a light source and the surface that light is intended to fall on. It’s purpose is to make the light more interesting by introducing shapes for

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71/365 Petroula

Did a headshot session today for Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer. The above was my favourite. Just got through editing. Headshot sessions are interesting but I have discovered they are not the same as portrait sessions and the end results might be very

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70/365 Linnie

Last time Linnie stayed at ARTS House near East Grinstead she was subjected to this. So this time when she asked for something a little more becoming of her I had to oblige. This is a somewhat truer likeness.

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69/365 Guru Rob

One of a set of three pictures for a website made today. The eye is a bit better today. Thanks for asking. What d’ya mean you didn’t ask?

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68/365 Watching

Yes this is late. It was shot at about 11:00pm last night and processed immeditaely. At the time of the shoot my right eye was streaming tears. With every flash it was like a needle poking around in my eye.

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67/365 Bram

Not Stoker, although he does have some similar characteristics such as getting a bit flappy late at night. No this is Bram whose surname I don’t know. But he is a Dutchman currently staying at ARTS House near Sharpthorne and

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66/365 First Pic Using CS/5

Working on that Bogey grimace. Back to shooting the same lousy model again. Sorry about that. But hey. This was processed using Photoshop CS/5. Not that there’s any difference from what would have been produced in CS/3 as I didn’t

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62/365 Pretty Blossoms

Trees with blossom on the West Hoathly Road near East Grinstead in Sussex. A nice peaceful scene. Hard to imagine the b*****d who drove by so close as to almost knock me down as I crouched at the side of

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61/365 Pupak Again

Forest Row artist Pupak Haghighi-Brinch. This is the second session with Pupak. I could do many more. I wrote some time ago about shooting portraits and at the time I pondered the idea of making one ultimate image that would

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60/365 London Bus in East Grinstead

Fortunately I had a meeting in East Grinstead today. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about this bus being there in the old High Street. There were a bunch of different vintage busses and a larger bunch of enthusiasts

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59/365 Hillary

Hillary is a teacher. She is staying at ARTS House for the weekend up from Devon. At first she approached the sitting with all the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist. So we chatted about teaching and football for

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58/365 Chair

You might not believe this but this pic took about 5 hours to make. If I had set out to make the image above it would have taken maybe half an hour. But this is in fact a failure. Of

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57/365 Trampling Corn

Went for a walk with Aled and Rosie in Turners Hill today. He wanted to trample over the farmer’s crop so I got this as evidence.

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56/365 Let’s Go Bowling Dude

I was in Tescos in Forest Row and saw these skittles. For some reason they called to me so I bought them. Then when the person I had wanted to shoot today didn’t get back to me in time I

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55/365 Ice Pie

25 Cents isn’t bad eh?

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54/365 Susanne Lawrence

Susanne Lawrence is an artist who lives somewhere between East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells.

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53/365 Sarah and Rebecca

I was just testing how the camera worked when tethered to a TV. Sarah and Rebecca are always up for a shot and I liked the result. So there.

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52/365 Count Baron Von Alucard

This is a portrait of my father the Count Baron Von Alucard. You can find out more about him on his website.

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51/365 7 Hour View

Thanks to those who wondered what had happened to me for the last three days. I’m happy to say I’m alive and survived them. Friday night was not that interesting. I set off from East Grinstead at around 6:00pm on

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50/365 Liz Lets Loose

Yesterday you saw Liz on one of her few and far between better days. Today I’m aftraid she reverted to form after drinking some camomile tea. And today is day 50 of the project. It has gone remarkably fast. I’m

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49/365 The Flower

Liz wanted a picture showing this plant that had suddenly flowered after years of not flowering. I wanted to do more lighting on different planes similar to yesterday’s shot of Dave Press. This was the result.

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48/365 Dave Press

Dave Press is an amazing guitarist.  I am proud to say that this is the first shot of a series I will be making over the coming weeks that will amount to the first of my unusual local people projects.

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47/365 Wolfgang

We had just done a fairly standard, safe, profile portrait and then I switched the lighting and props around so as to get this. Quite like it.

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46/365 Pupak

This is Pupak. A very interesting lady who got a group of local artists in the Ashdown Forest area together and helped them form a group to facilitate collaboration and help each other with marketing and such. We met today

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45/365 Leaving The Scene

Conceived and lit in about three minutes. Then about 45 minutes to process. Some people think it all happens in a snap.

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44/365 A Nice Bit of Crumpet

I was advised that if I wanted to get more readers then this was what I had to do.

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43/365 Cards in the Hat

Today’s picture was a hard one to come up with. I’ve found more and more that I am easily inspired to shoot people or dogs and possibly other critters but other things are very hard work. I had no one

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42/365 Smoker’s Porn

There is nothing, although freshly ground coffee comes close, that is quite like the smell of a humidor full of quality cigars.

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41/365 “The Future is Within Our Grasp”

Saw Max today. He begged me for another portrait. I eventually gave in. Then he spent an hour and a half in make-up and another hour getting his hair just right. At the end of that he was so excited

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40/365 Dreams of Bogie

Had to be done. What else can I say?

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39/365 Selma

Selma is a guest in East Grinstead from Holland. Her mother recently featured here and her father may do as well some time soon. The family are staying at the best guest house in the East Grinstead area, ARTS House,

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38/365 Reverting the Stats

Look I know what yer thinkin’ but I had to do it. Every time I have a pic of myself the stats go up and for the last few days they had dipped. What d’yer mean what stats? The site

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37/365 Promise of Spring

Weather still quite cold in Sussex but there are signs of spring all around.  Spotted these along the A22 today between East Grinstead and Forest Row. Actually there are lots of them around but these were nearby to where I

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36/365 West Street Fish and Chips

If you are an East Grinstead resident you are probably familiar with this place on West Street. In fact you are probably one of the many reasons I have to queue whenever I go there. I think it is one

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35/365 Andy

Very close to the East Grinstead Rubgy Club lives a man who, well, let’s just say lives a man called Andy. I want to keep this site family safe.

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34/365 Easter Pic

This is what you get when you when you push your luck. I’ve been shooting the two guys on the left for months. Tonight I wanted to play with panos a bit more. I was firing the camera with the

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33/365 Tomas in Fog

I wanted to test the new noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom 3.2 and this was partly for that purpose. Shot at 1600 iso then processed first in Lightroom and then in Photoshop. The NR is amazing. Truly amazing. In other

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32/365 Tomas and Max

This was an experiment. The main idea was to shoot the scene as a pano that when stitched together would have some interesting distortions. I had made a few panos today just to see if I was on the right

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31/365 At Last

At last I got to shoot my good friend Liz who I’ve wanted to shoot for the last two years. And yes I acknowledge at last someone who is a pleasure to look at rather than myself. How did it

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30/365 Ideas

Every day that same lousy model. I hear you. Spent about 10 hours today working on marketing. Things are happening but because of that I didn’t get to even leave the house.  And as usual at around this time of

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29/365 Aled and Axe

This is Aled who I have shot before with his axe in a cemetary in Forest Row at some ungodly hour in the early morning. He lives in Turners Hill which is about 5 miles from East Grinstead. I shot

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28/365 Here’s Looking At Me

Well what can I say? No client shoots today. Got some bookings but currently all after Easter. Some interesting ones in East Grinstead and Forest Row and another in Turners Hill. So lots more marketing to do. That is becoming

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27/365 An Old Wrinkly Thing

What do you mean it’s no different from yesterday’s post?

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26/365 Missing Jasmine

Jasmine has left. She was a great model. I’m having to resort to using myself again. Too bad eh? Anyway back from London now sitting near East Grinstead.  Good to be able to work with a decent monitor again and

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25/365 Danny

This is Danny. A cool looking Dude.

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24/365 The Moment

I’m working on my laptop without a proper keyboard and without a decent monitor. For those reasons I will not be writing much and I will not be sure exactly how the colour and contrast of the pic will look.

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23/365 Got a Light Mac?

I’ve been looking at the studio pictures of the ’40s see. You know the ones. They used to send them out to all the fans with a fake signature on ’em. Anyways so I got to thinkin’. I wonder if

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22/365 Going National

This might seem a bit lame but it was fun all the same.

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21/365 Season’s Colours

This one was entirely made today but has been brewing for more than a year. As you might guess I have a use for it in mind and am having my people speak with their people. I may or may

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20/365 Raoul

From what is known in America as a high school senior shoot today. Had a bunch of guys to shoot messing around with cars and bikes. Good fun. There are some other pictures from this session in one of my

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19/365 Des

I hadn’t seen Des to talk to for at least 10 years. We met today by chance and later organised a session which took place around 11:30pm. This was one of several keepers.

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18/365 Red Hot

Jasmine is back. This was one of those times when the idea came in a flash, the setup took about 5 minutes, the shoot took less than 5 minutes and the processing took two hours. For those who might not

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17/365 Drink Deep My Friend

No prizes for guessing the inspiration behind this. I had planned a completely different concept with two or even three models but one of them dropped out at the last moment and I had to come up with something quick.

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16/365 Caroline

Caroline is a management consultant. She wanted a picture appropriate for a biography. Shot with a single Vivitar 285 in a softbox camera right and quite high up pointing down. Two minutes setup and no more than 4 minutes for

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15/365 Chandleresque

Okay so what’s the story with this? Well I had several opportunities to make pictures today but I decided to “leave it till later” when I thought my best opportunity would come. So of course it turned out that wasn’t

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14/365 You Want to Buy What???

“I was just thinking about buying a Nikon D3S”. This is Linnie who is actually a very nice lady from oop North.  The idea for the pic came to me a few weeks ago when I was speaking to two

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13/365 Fruit Bowl

For at least a week I’ve been avoiding this picture. I just hadn’t come up with an idea of how to light and compose it. Tonight I was not feeling like making a picture for today. The last few days

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12/365 Jasmine

Jasmine is easy and fun to work with and she is perfectly happy to carry on for hours working with me till we get what we want. She is a student of photography so I think that might have something

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11/365 At the park

Family day today. Took my two year old son to the park. Got these amonst others. They aren’t perfect but they really capture the delight and de light isn’t bad either.

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10/365 Charlie’s Picture

This is Charlie of London wedding and portrait photographers Charlies Pictures. Shot with two strobes. One camera left is blue gelled and is fired through a wooden box lid that had some holes in it. It gave an interesting background

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9/365 You’re Never Alone With A Shadow

I’ve been meaning to shoot with Lee for a while. He can be a hero or a villain with ease and I had this particular image in mind for a few weeks but we hadn’t managed to get together to

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8/365 The Set

This is the patio at Saint Hill Manor. I was here today shooting garden furniture for a web site. There are these great aged flagstones and gorgeous pillars and the sun was getting low and I thought this was a

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8/365 On The Roof

Today I had a call from a client who asked if I were free today. I said yes. He said good. Be at blah blah in one hour for a shoot. Well okay. I like to work. But this was

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7/365 Give Me A Headline

This began as a simple concept and rapidly became more complex. Originally it was just to be a girl’s hand reaching for an apple. But then I had Jasmine get behind the apple just to see what it would look

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6/365 Angelo

This is Angelo. A frequent question from sitters is “What shall I do with my hands?” One solution is to give them something to hold. In this case it worked out well. Angelo skimmed the book, a treatise on economics

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5/365 Orchids

Well today’s pic was quite a bit of work. I had shot two other setups before I did this one. The first was daffodils and it had some merits but I really didn’t like the composition and couldn’t find a

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4/365 Fruit

Lit with two large softboxes one to the rear and the main one to camera left. Plus lots of processing to keep the fruit more or less natural looking while giving it centre stage over the wooden background.

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3/365 Sad Max

Meet Max. Not sure if the mood matches the face. But what a face. He’s a wow with the girls.

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2/365 Rosie

Well if the rest of this 365 is as interesting and revealing to me as the first two days then it won’t just be worthwhile it will be worthwhile in spades. This is Rosie. She lives with a private tuition

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1/365 Cheddar

I thought I’d start off with something different. I’ve never shot food before. It was a learning experience. Among other things next time I’ll know to make sure everything in the shot that isn’t part of the food doesn’t have

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The 365 Thing*

So I’ve just this minute decided to do a 365 thing. Was it just an impulse? No. Truth is I’ve kinda been thinking about it for months. The reservation was that I thought I might not have the time to

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