Camden Town Shoot


This image was made from an HDR made from a series of shots at the end of a session in Camden Town, London, yesterday. I was with a friend who wanted to learn more about HDR and I chose Camden market as a location to shoot because it is colourful in many different ways. But it was not a good choice as far as HDR goes. It is too full of life. And therefore has too much movement. A great place to shoot but not to shoot for HDR.
Anyway we spent about 1 1/2 hours shooting all kinds of stuff and then headed back to the car park. As we reached the car I spotted this location. After a little scouting I found this viewpoint. Perfect for the eight exposures it took. There was no one around and no movement apart from the clouds.
The HDR file was made with Photomatix and it was tone mapped there as well. Then into Photoshop for further tweaking of the colour palette and contrast.
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