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This is Adrianne. She is very sweet and has tons of spirit.  

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Chris Carter

Chris is about to launch a website for his new book which is a detective story set in New York in the sixties. Chris is one of the most knowledgable people on the planet on the subject of The Velvet

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My Personal Favourite

…. from last Saturday’s live band shoot. This is the guitarist from Tenyson. When I get his name I’ll edit this.

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Live Band Work

There is some aspect of any kind of work that has the potential to be fun to do. At least that’s my theory. In photography there are all kinds of work I don’t particularly like. Event photography is one of

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Drummer: Roger Nunn

As mentioned a week or two ago Roger Nunn wanted some promo type images. I’d been looking forward to this session for a while and had dreamed up a few scenes. On the day the weather wasn’t kind and it

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We Interrupt This Programme…..

I don’t do weddings. But I did this one as a second shooter. I won’t explain how it came about as it probably isn’t of much interest. Suffice to say it happened last Friday and in spite of all the

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Showing “No Mercy”

Friend and Press Gang drummer Roger Nunn came over today to pick up some prints and to show me the cover of the Press Gang’s new album which now has the title “No Mercy”. The first hundred sold will be

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Back to Rock and Roll

Recent posts have drifted away from Rock and Roll so this is to get the blog back on track. Louise was fun to work with. This was shot on the roof of her flat somewhere near Holloway in London one

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Josh Again

Just because it’s a cute picture really. I have a few bookings that involve children coming up so you can expect a few more in the weeks ahead. This was made about a year ago and may have even been

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Don’t ask me to be your next motivational speaker

Call me cynical but I can’t stand those positive thinking standards such as “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. It’s a true enough statment but there’s something altogether wet about it in that it’s quite

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