Aled – Before and After

I’ve been told to put my before and after images in that order so here is the before first.

It isn’t particularly exciting. But I’d been imagining the end result for about a week before we did the shoot which, I might add, took place this very morning at about 7:15 AM. An outrageous time to be up and about let alone after having got up, splashed some water, got dressed, then driven to pick up Aled, then driven to the site. I was amazed at how easy I found it even without coffee.

I like the pose, the expression and the light. The face is a bit burnt out and the background lacks detail in some places and has too much in others. It also lacks the essential rock star punch for an image of this sort.

So after a little processing, actually quite a bit and I didn’t note all the details, we come to this.

Way more than I’d normally use but I think it works in this context. What say you?

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One comment on “Aled – Before and After
  1. Jeff says:

    Amazing 3D look. Did anyone else look up the name on the gravestone? That is a truly awesome touch.

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