8/365 On The Roof

Today I had a call from a client who asked if I were free today. I said yes. He said good. Be at blah blah in one hour for a shoot. Well okay. I like to work. But this was with zero preparation. Fortunately all batteries were charged and I had memory cards at the ready.

What kind of shoot does a portrait artiste extraordinaire get at such short notice?

It was to shoot pictures of gutter cleaners at work for a gutter cleaning business!

Don’t knock it I thought. Michelangelo once painted a ceiling and took 4 years doing it with a bunch of assistants.

These are the guys involved in the shoot fooling around during a break.

the boys

the boys

the boys 2

the boys 2

And this is where they were at the time.

the boys3

the boys 3

Okay this probably isn’t what you’d expect to see in a 365 and I promise not to do many more like it.

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One comment on “8/365 On The Roof
  1. george t says:

    i love them but want to see more!!!!!


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