7/365 Give Me A Headline

girl reaching for apple

What should the headline be?

This began as a simple concept and rapidly became more complex. Originally it was just to be a girl’s hand reaching for an apple. But then I had Jasmine get behind the apple just to see what it would look like and I liked it a lot better.

Here is a setup shot.

setup shot for girl reaching for apple

setup shot for girl reaching for apple

The SB24 to camera right at the back is snooted and pointing at the apple. The Vivitar 283 is behind the model pointing up at the wall. The Vivitar 285 is snooted and pointing at some A4 sheets of paper just in front of the girl’s face. I don’t remember the exact settings but the 283 was the main light and was at full power. The others were somewhat toned down.

So it was shot with the idea of being a full page magazine type layout, hence the large amount of white space at the top of the shot. What do you think would be an appropriate headline?

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5 comments on “7/365 Give Me A Headline
  1. Shilpa Shaw says:

    “Forbidden Fruit”
    “Reaching for the Forbidden Fruit”
    “Don’t Touch…….”

  2. Bernie says:

    Yes something along those lines is what I had in mind.

  3. Tamas Schiller says:

    I think:
    or “Snow White”
    “the moment when everithing started…”

  4. Farouk Ali says:

    The psyc said “no apple today”

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