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Did a headshot session today for Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer. The above was my favourite. Just got through editing.

Headshot sessions are interesting but I have discovered they are not the same as portrait sessions and the end results might be very different. With headshots my own likes and dislikes don’t come into it. They are made for a specific audience the actor wants to communicate with. My job is to help the actor communicate and to keep myself out of the way as much as possible. So I don’t do anything that would in any way render the sitter unrecognisable! The only processing is contrast and colour tweaks and a black and white conversion which is the accpeted form in this country.

With portrait sessions it is me who is communicating something about the subject to the viewer rather than just being a relay point. Portrait sessions are more fun for me and usually the sitter too. With headshots there is a certain amount of wondering what will work for the casting directors who aren’t there to consult.

With portraits I please myself first and hopefully but not necessarily the sitter too. But we are both there and can discuss the point and look at the current results and see if we are heading in the right direction. I want my sitters to like my work but it isn’t absolutely vital because if they chose me to shoot them they have a pretty good idea of what they’ll be getting. And if they didn’t choose me then I chose them and so may be only shooting for me anyway.

It is true I will not make any money if the sitter hates the work but I’m finding that if I consult the sitter more than myself we both end up with results that are less interesting.

The reason I like this one is that it is closer to a portrait than the others I shot today. And by that I mean that it shows Petroula in a way I would like to show Petroula.

I wonder if this post made any sense to anyone other than me….

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