58/365 Chair



You might not believe this but this pic took about 5 hours to make. If I had set out to make the image above it would have taken maybe half an hour. But this is in fact a failure. Of great magnitude.

I had set out to make an experiment. It was to be an image that would have allowed you to zoom into it and move around in a similar way to how you can zoom in and move around with Google Earth or Google satelite maps. It began with 23 separate images. But I won’t bore you with the whole story. Suffice to say that Photoshop crashed several times in trying to merge those images properly and that in my haste to get an image up I selected the preview jpg images instead of the raw files to get the job done. The preview images were only a fraction of the size of the originals and so it turned out to be far too small for zooming around in.

But I still like it. I made a painting in 1988 that was very similar. I can now add chairs to my extremely short list of things I love to shoot. So the list now consists of people and chairs. I’m sure someone will see a connection even if I don’t.

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