5/365 Orchids



Well today’s pic was quite a bit of work. I had shot two other setups before I did this one. The first was daffodils and it had some merits but I really didn’t like the composition and couldn’t find a way to do better with it.

The second attempt was with these using a shorter lens and again the composition just wasn’t working out. So I changed to a longer lens and adjusted the setup a bit and got this which I liked a whole lot better.

There’s no getting away from it I keep going toward a painter type of finish in my processing. It is not deliberate. I’m just looking at the tones or the details and looking to emphasise one thing over another or tone down another part. I just don’t care if it looks like a photograph as long as it works as an image.

In case you’re interested the flowers were in a pot on a small table in the studio with a green blanket way back behind them. The light came from a Vivitar 285 in an overhead softbox. There were three exposures used in this with the same settings on camera but with the flash fired at different power settings. The three images were then brought together and tonemapped.

Not a conventional type of HDR photography and it may have been completely unnecessary. I’ve not heard of anyone else getting different exposures in that way. It was actually incredibly hard to do even with a tripod because of the length of the lens. The tiniest movement of the camera would jiggle the image about wildly. I had to fire the shutter using delay as I dont have a remote for it.

Enough ramblings.

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