51/365 7 Hour View

7 hour view

7 hours looking at this

Thanks to those who wondered what had happened to me for the last three days. I’m happy to say I’m alive and survived them.

Friday night was not that interesting. I set off from East Grinstead at around 6:00pm on my way to Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex. This is a journey of around 60 miles which normally takes an hour and a half at worst. This was not to be a normal at worst occassion. I came to the rear of the jam above at around 6:30pm and moved about 1 mile in the next 7 hours.

I got to my parents’ house at about 2:30 and would have made this post then had I remembered to bring my laptop power cable. Without the cable I couldn’t edit or post as I can connect with my blog only via the laptop as that is the only place I had the password saved.

So the lesssons learned in this experience;

1. It is always a good idea to have at least enough fuel to complete your journey.

2. It is always a good idea to have some snacks of some kind hidden away in the car somewhere. (I didn’t)

3. It would not have been bearable without an mp3 player.

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2 comments on “51/365 7 Hour View
  1. Wolfgang says:

    Oh yes, these kind of incidents can give you many ideas about stuff which is helpfull for journeys. Right now I could now give 3 advice for getting home from England after a vulcano erruption in Island:
    1.) Take a train
    2.) Take a train
    3.) Take a train

  2. Bernie says:

    You know you should have stayed in England.

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