43/365 Cards in the Hat

Today’s picture was a hard one to come up with. I’ve found more and more that I am easily inspired to shoot people or dogs and possibly other critters but other things are very hard work. I had no one else around and I didn’t want to use myself again, even though I had a recent shot featured on Don Giannatti’s site again (thnks a lot Don).

So there I was without an idea and thinking that I just did not want to do this today…. but I am committed to doing it. So I knew I had to. So I had to come up with something. The result isn’t exactly as I had conceived it. I might have got there after a couple of hours but it had already taken about 30 minutes to get this. It is very difficult to get a playing card in just the right spot as the flash fires. This was about the 100th attempt and was the best I had.

And there is a lesson here. I know that if this was for a client I would have continued on until I got it perfect. Or I would have figured out another way to get it perfect. It wasn’t so I didn’t. But maybe I shoulda…

cards in the hat

Cards in the Hat

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