33/365 Tomas in Fog

tomas and car

tomas and car

I wanted to test the new noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom 3.2 and this was partly for that purpose. Shot at 1600 iso then processed first in Lightroom and then in Photoshop. The NR is amazing. Truly amazing.

In other news my previous post about editing a shoot is coming back to haunt me. In that post I wrote about coming back to the pictures from a session at least a week after they were shot so as to be able to stand back and get a more objective look at them. Doing this I can often see shots that worked that I had previously overlooked. Well by the same process you can also see shots that don’t work. I think yesterday’s was one of them. Adding Max to the picture did not help it and should not have been done. Wondering about an aspect of a picture is part of what keeps a viewer interested so providing an answer to a viewer’s question isn’t always a good thing.

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