32/365 Tomas and Max

Tomas and Max

Tomas and Max

This was an experiment. The main idea was to shoot the scene as a pano that when stitched together would have some interesting distortions. I had made a few panos today just to see if I was on the right track. I was but they weren’t very interesting to me without people. So I got Tomas to sit for me again while I made 6 seperate pictures. I had him hold a kitchen tool so as to make it a little more interesting. Though I didn’t provide any motivation for what I had hime do with it.

When put together it looked okay but the motivation thing glared at me. Just glaring back didn’t seem to fix it so I brought in Max. It made a difference but I’m not at all sure it really worked.

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2 comments on “32/365 Tomas and Max
  1. Miserere says:

    It’s a funny photo, but you have two problems:

    1) Max’s exposure doesn’t match the light (he’s a bit too bright).

    2) Most importantly, Max doesn’t cast a shadow! Is he a vampire dog? 😀 Give him a shadow and you’ll get a believable pic.

    Kudos to Tomas for knowing how to wield a kitchen utensil so dexterously.

  2. Bernie says:

    Yes a vampire dog would be appropriate here. Yes I could have fixed those things but I actually think the pic would work better without having the added Max at all.

    As for Tomas’s ability to wield the kitchen utensil, well he is Hungarian you know.

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