30/365 Ideas



Every day that same lousy model. I hear you.

Spent about 10 hours today working on marketing. Things are happening but because of that I didn’t get to even leave the house.  And as usual at around this time of night no one else is around.

So I only had this one model and no idea what to do. So I asked a friend for an idea. He came up with something awful and in that moment of telling him what a bad idea it was I was inspired to come up with this. Ain’t that the way?

I promise something/one new tomorrow.

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3 comments on “30/365 Ideas
  1. Farouk Ali says:

    You need to be provoked to get a good idea?

  2. Farouk Ali says:

    Actually I’d rather have seen you as Philip Marlowe at that desk with accompanying lighting

  3. Bernie says:

    I don’t have to be provoked but I’ll take inspiration from wherever it comes.

    I’ve got another idea for a Marlowe type pic but I don’t yet have the props. And besides the hat is getting worn out.

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