28/365 Here’s Looking At Me

here's looking at me

here's looking at me

Well what can I say? No client shoots today. Got some bookings but currently all after Easter. Some interesting ones in East Grinstead and Forest Row and another in Turners Hill. So lots more marketing to do. That is becoming easier now that I’m figuring out what is working and what isn’t.

So without anyone else around I had to shoot myself. That is a pretty tricky thing to do. You have to focus and compose, light and direct all alone. Then you chimp and adjust, chimp and adjust, till you get it right. Much faster with a good subject. This took 15 shots and about 10 minutes. Processing was minimal and took about 2 minutes. Most of the work was in getting the light right. Three strobes; one on the background wall gelled yellow, one from above and behind gelled blue, one from in front bare but snooted to just light around the eyes without spilling over too much.

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