26/365 Missing Jasmine

Jasmine has left. She was a great model. I’m having to resort to using myself again. Too bad eh?

Bernie Greene


Anyway back from London now sitting near East Grinstead.  Good to be able to work with a decent monitor again and a proper keyboard. It is very difficult to process images using a laptop display.

I’m continuing with my experiments with Hollywood photographic lighting from the 1940s. I love it. Fun and dramatic stuff. This one uses three light sources. The one from behind and above is at full power and is a bare strobe. The other two are at about 1/8th power and are also snooted so as not to spill light into areas where I didn’t want it. See if you can figure out what the placement of them was.

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2 comments on “26/365 Missing Jasmine
  1. Paul Cocovinis says:

    Ok, challenge accepted!
    One is low down to your right and directed at your neck and the other….again to your right but higher up and further behind?
    How’d I do then…???
    Looks good B….I’ve always liked that moody Hollywood style too and you’ve duplicated this well here…
    One question though….how did you compose it? Large mirror? Please don’t tell me it was hit and miss…! No insult intended there, by the way…!

    • Bernie says:

      Not bad. One light was on the floor in front and pointing straight up to the camera left side of the face. The other was at about eye level and pointing at the side of the face.

      The camera was on a tripod, pre-focused and tripped by 10 second timer. I made a shot then took a look and adjusted myself or the lights accordingly. Rinse and repeat till I had what I was after.

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