2/365 Rosie


Well if the rest of this 365 is as interesting and revealing to me as the first two days then it won’t just be worthwhile it will be worthwhile in spades.

This is Rosie. She lives with a private tuition student of mine. I had wanted to  shoot her for ages, just as a lighting challenge, but what I got from this was far more than that. I’ve found that I like shooting dogs. This is the second one in two months. The first was with her owner so this is the first solo dog.

I treated it much like shooting a portrait as far as lighting her.  The processing is quite a bit different.

The cheese yesterday was fun and quite a change from shooting people. I will do a lot more food type shots in this project but I don’t expect them to be as satisfying for me as shooting live subjects.

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2 comments on “2/365 Rosie
  1. Leon Godwin says:

    Man, you’ve got the painterly treatment down. I love the look it gives, very classical.

  2. Bernie says:

    Thanks. I seem to arrive there quite often without setting out to. There is another dog to go up soon which has a very different treatment.

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