23/365 Got a Light Mac?

I’ve been looking at the studio pictures of the ’40s see. You know the ones. They used to send them out to all the fans with a fake signature on ’em. Anyways so I got to thinkin’. I wonder if a mug like me could do that kinda stuff. So I gives it a try with Thomasz, my Hungarian friend.

got a light mac?

You got a light mac?

So it isn’t exactly the same. It isn’t black and white. It has some of my twisted processing going on in there too but it works for me.

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2 comments on “23/365 Got a Light Mac?
  1. Leon Godwin says:

    Damn! That one is really awesome, his expression, the POSE is perfect, and the the lighting, especially that shadow. I think you got the essence of the Hollywood Glamour shots here, but the really hard ones I think are the lady shots…I’ve looked at those and can’t even quite figure out what they’ve got going on in terms of lighting. You should give one of those a try, I bet you’d nail it too.

  2. Bernie says:

    Thanks Leon. The problem with this is that there wasn’t any particular pattern of lighting. Togs like George Hurrell used hot lights and played and played and played. There are a few portraits using similar patterns but it wasn’t like Rembrandt lighting.

    You may be right about the women. I’m in the hunt for a model this week. Got to find some props too.

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