Month: June 2011

Showing “No Mercy”

Friend and Press Gang drummer Roger Nunn came over today to pick up some prints and to show me the cover of the Press Gang’s new album which now has the title “No Mercy”. The first hundred sold will be

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Back to Rock and Roll

Recent posts have drifted away from Rock and Roll so this is to get the blog back on track. Louise was fun to work with. This was shot on the roof of her flat somewhere near Holloway in London one

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Josh Again

Just because it’s a cute picture really. I have a few bookings that involve children coming up so you can expect a few more in the weeks ahead. This was made about a year ago and may have even been

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Don’t ask me to be your next motivational speaker

Call me cynical but I can’t stand those positive thinking standards such as “this is the first day of the rest of your life”. It’s a true enough statment but there’s something altogether wet about it in that it’s quite

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Shoe Box Cover

This also came out of the other night’s one light shoot. Sort of. Well the face did. The rest is entirely fabricated. There is no client for this. I’ve just been exploring different ideas for where I’m interested in going

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Sometimes It Happens

…. and a piece of kit stops working. In this case the second flash I was to be using on this shoot just refused to work correctly. Fortunately the other one still worked fine. But this totally changed the mood

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It’s My Boy

This is my boy Josh. He’s an adventurous and curious little boy and very sweet. Yeah I’m proud of him too.

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What Was That About The Cobbler’s Children?

And this is my daughter Sarah of whom I am also very proud. Hang in there Josh. Your turn is coming. I find shooting children is a lot of fun as long as it’s a game they want to play.

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Rebecca is a very sweet girl. How do I know? I’m her very proud Daddy.

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