Month: January 2011


Did a shoot with Gemma last night. We had planned the time but not the characters. So it went from a 1940s girl to a bunch of other things. These are two of my favourites. I’ll be offering a Valentine’s

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It’s Valentine’s Day Soon

I’ve been having some fun making creepy Halloween images like this Gorgeous Hunk. Click it to see it larger.  As I was gazing into his eyes I remembered Valentine’s Day is coming up (:-)) and thought I’d make a special

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Mysterious and Wonderful Places

This is a bit of nostalgia for something that will never return, at least not on the same scale. I spent many years in such places in the 70s and 80s. I totally love working in Photoshop but I also

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The Outtake That Sneaked Into My Portfolio

This was the first shot from a session last May. It wasn’t even meant to be a “real” shot. We were going for something entirely different and this was a kind of break the ice type shot. I grabbed it

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Processing Other Peoples’ Pictures

I have been friends with Ping since about 1995 when she walked up to me and with a very happy smile said “Hello, I am Ping”. She is an artist who now lives in Scotland but is originally from China.

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The Light Sabre and That Other Thing

This is James Moore. He’s a cool guy. We met a few weeks ago at a networking meeting in East Grinstead. He sells LED lighting products for hotels, pubs, car parks, you name it. As I have recently been hearing

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Uninspiring Locations

I don’t always get to shoot on exotic beaches or fabulous ruined mansions. In fact I pretty much never get to shoot in such places. Some photographers can rely on their locations to inspire. I love good locations but they

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East Grinstead Casting Call

I’m planning a shoot or two in East Grinstead soon, as in this month. Location is not confirmed as yet so I’m not announcing it but it will be a cafe/restaurant like location. The session (s) will take place at

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