Year: 2011

Andrea Again

This is another composite image. Andrea was shot at my underground car park high tech studio in East Grinstead several months ago. The background image was shot about a week ago in London. I shot the London image as a

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What’s the Story?

Several months ago Dave Press and I met up for an ideas session on promo images. We had coffee and talked and I came up with an idea he wasn’t sure of at the time. Nevertheless I did shoot several

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Camden Town Shoot

  This image was made from an HDR made from a series of shots at the end of a session in Camden Town, London, yesterday. I was with a friend who wanted to learn more about HDR and I chose Camden

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Portrait Photographer?

This is the famous leaning St Mary the Virgin Church in Little Wakering, Essex. You may think this not a suitable subject for a portrait photographer and you’d probably be right. But sometimes I like to do a personal project

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The Once Grand Hotel

This is the once Grand Hotel in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I went there quite a bit in my youth. Bands played there and I might have even played there myself. Far off days. Today it is empty and available for rent

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The Kursaal – Southend-on-Sea

Around 110 years ago The Kursaal was the only amusement park in the world. It used to occupy a site of many acres and was a place of mystery and wonder to me as a boy growing up in the

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Which Witch?

This may not be the best example of standard portrait photography but then I’m not much of a standard portrait photographer. I find myself getting more and more involved in making images that are themselves made up of several other

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This is Adrianne. She is very sweet and has tons of spirit.  

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Chris Carter

Chris is about to launch a website for his new book which is a detective story set in New York in the sixties. Chris is one of the most knowledgable people on the planet on the subject of The Velvet

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My Personal Favourite

…. from last Saturday’s live band shoot. This is the guitarist from Tenyson. When I get his name I’ll edit this.

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