Month: November 2010

Wear It Again Sam

A few days ago on my way to a meeting I came across this new shop in East Grinstead called “Wear It Again Sam”. I almost didn’t go in as I was in a hurry but I just had to

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An Experimental New Product

[youtube]7CFOC5dHubo[/youtube] This one features some pictures from a shoot with musician and composer Ludwig Amadeus. Unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of him before putting this up so the music isn’t his. It’s mine. But I’m sure he’ll come through with

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Jasmine Back Shot

Jasmine again from March of this year hence the devastatingly witty title. She looks beautiful, confident and classy. Which means this is a good “likeness”.

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Jasmine Shoots Back

This is from early March of this year but has not previously been posted. It has kind of a washed out look to it like pushed film that I like. It’s an example of some of the things that will

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Photographers can be Poets

“Photography will thrill you and she will break your heart. Sometimes on the same day. Sometimes within the same moment. And know that she will not be true to you… she will desert you with her BFF ‘talent’ and go

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How to Pick the Winners

This is a picture that escaped me when I first edited the session several months ago. There were others I considered better at the time I edited and this just slipped me by. Looking over some old shoots today it

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Are You My Type of Client?

So I’ve been studying some marketing stuff (again). I came across an idea that has been around for some decades. It’s one of those questions that I would ask if someone came to me asking for marketing advice. The question

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Say Something

Yes there’s a tree*… but also some other interesting looking stuff at around 5:30 in the morning recently. The picture is gratuitous. I wanted to make a post and posts on here look ugly without pictures. This post is about

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