Month: October 2010

The Plawhatch Lookout

Blog posts without pictures look awful. So I thought I’d post one. This was made yesterday at what I call the Plawhatch Lookout. No idea what it’s really called. This picture looks considerably better at full res which is much

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Site Refreshed

Well it’s now 05:45 in the morning and I’ve just finished refreshing my portfolio and and website. Hope it meets with your approval. Having said that I would very much appreciate any feedback you would care to leave in the

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What’s Going On Around Here?

I’m in the middle of a review and redesign of my website. The main thing I wanted to do was to have visitors arrive on site and immediately see some of my portfolio pictures rather than the blog. I’ve more

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Happy to be Inside

I’ve always liked this window and have made many pictures with it. But most were not satisfying.  Today I wanted to make something that summed up how I felt about the weather here right now. It was raining most of

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Hello, I am Ping

Ping is an artist who lives in London. We have been friends for years but hadn’t seen each other for about the last four years at least.  I believe the first thing she ever said to me was “Hello, I

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What is Art? A rant

I was looking over a web based catalogue of products for photographers; frames, cards, books, etc. They had a category called Photoshop actions in which there was an action that would take “your photographic images and turn them into beautiful

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Even More For Aled’s Website

Shot yesterday. I like ’em both but I particularly like the second one. It was an experiment with HDR and people. I wanted to create an eerie light effect that was kind of like an old film to give the

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Another Couple of Revisits

I’ve been working on my retouching skills and I think these are considerably better than the originals.

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Some Revisits

These are all newly processed from files shot months ago. I’ve reworked them in terms of my current preferences because I didn’t want to get too wet in the rain yesterday.

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