Month: May 2010

What Happened?

This is an experimental picture of one of the more exotic rooms at ARTS House in Sharpthorne. It was made for day 32 of the 365 but never got posted. I have decided to stop the 365 after 76 days.

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If Your Home Isn’t Haunted…

maybe I can help. I currently have a particular interest in bringing out and showing off to the world the evil characters within us. I am not afraid of the dark. In fact I love to explore it. If you’d

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76/365 Sunny Day

The blinds weren’t completely drawn and a little bit of sunshine made it through into my world today. Never mind. I’ll be making sure the blinds are fully closed tomorrow in case it happens again.

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By Request

I was going to write “by popular demand” but I didn’t think one email would justify such language. But I did get one request so that is a good enough excuse so I am hereby posting the “evil” Gary Byrne

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75/365 Gary Byrne

Sometimes being a geezer and a photographer is tough. As a photographer I think this guy is really good looking but as a geezer it just isn’t something I would openly admit. Such is life. Mr Byrne came to ARTS

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Might As Well Face It

Had a fun session with Louise Taylor on her roof last night. Here are some of the results. When she started getting cold we went inside. Not because she was cold but because it is a lot of work to

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Did You Know

I haven’t made a post for four days? And I’m in the midst of a 365? Not really a whole lot to say about it. Computer crashed late Monday or early Tuesday. Lost a bunch of data and a good

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74/365 Pushing It

Alex Pownall doing a push up from a session today shot at the gym at the East Grinstead Rugby Club. Obvious really. Don’t know why I bothered with an explanation.

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73/365 It’s Him Again

Continuing my “blue period” we have this offering made after watching half of Sin City. Shot with three strobes two of which were gelled with blue and red. The third was really only used for firing one of the others

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72/365 The Lemonade Cookie

A cookie (or cookaloris to give it it’s full name) is something placed between a light source and the surface that light is intended to fall on. It’s purpose is to make the light more interesting by introducing shapes for

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71/365 Petroula

Did a headshot session today for Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer. The above was my favourite. Just got through editing. Headshot sessions are interesting but I have discovered they are not the same as portrait sessions and the end results might be very

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70/365 Linnie

Last time Linnie stayed at ARTS House near East Grinstead she was subjected to this. So this time when she asked for something a little more becoming of her I had to oblige. This is a somewhat truer likeness.

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69/365 Guru Rob

One of a set of three pictures for a website made today. The eye is a bit better today. Thanks for asking. What d’ya mean you didn’t ask?

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68/365 Watching

Yes this is late. It was shot at about 11:00pm last night and processed immeditaely. At the time of the shoot my right eye was streaming tears. With every flash it was like a needle poking around in my eye.

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67/365 Bram

Not Stoker, although he does have some similar characteristics such as getting a bit flappy late at night. No this is Bram whose surname I don’t know. But he is a Dutchman currently staying at ARTS House near Sharpthorne and

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66/365 First Pic Using CS/5

Working on that Bogey grimace. Back to shooting the same lousy model again. Sorry about that. But hey. This was processed using Photoshop CS/5. Not that there’s any difference from what would have been produced in CS/3 as I didn’t

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