Month: March 2010

East Grinstead Portraits Project

I have had this idea for months if not a year. I’m planning on shooting and writing about some local people and businesses and publishing the results on a special page here. The kind of people I want to do

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34/365 Easter Pic

This is what you get when you when you push your luck. I’ve been shooting the two guys on the left for months. Tonight I wanted to play with panos a bit more. I was firing the camera with the

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33/365 Tomas in Fog

I wanted to test the new noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom 3.2 and this was partly for that purpose. Shot at 1600 iso then processed first in Lightroom and then in Photoshop. The NR is amazing. Truly amazing. In other

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32/365 Tomas and Max

This was an experiment. The main idea was to shoot the scene as a pano that when stitched together would have some interesting distortions. I had made a few panos today just to see if I was on the right

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31/365 At Last

At last I got to shoot my good friend Liz who I’ve wanted to shoot for the last two years. And yes I acknowledge at last someone who is a pleasure to look at rather than myself. How did it

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30/365 Ideas

Every day that same lousy model. I hear you. Spent about 10 hours today working on marketing. Things are happening but because of that I didn’t get to even leave the house.  And as usual at around this time of

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29/365 Aled and Axe

This is Aled who I have shot before with his axe in a cemetary in Forest Row at some ungodly hour in the early morning. He lives in Turners Hill which is about 5 miles from East Grinstead. I shot

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28/365 Here’s Looking At Me

Well what can I say? No client shoots today. Got some bookings but currently all after Easter. Some interesting ones in East Grinstead and Forest Row and another in Turners Hill. So lots more marketing to do. That is becoming

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27/365 An Old Wrinkly Thing

What do you mean it’s no different from yesterday’s post?

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26/365 Missing Jasmine

Jasmine has left. She was a great model. I’m having to resort to using myself again. Too bad eh? Anyway back from London now sitting near East Grinstead.  Good to be able to work with a decent monitor again and

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25/365 Danny

This is Danny. A cool looking Dude.

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24/365 The Moment

I’m working on my laptop without a proper keyboard and without a decent monitor. For those reasons I will not be writing much and I will not be sure exactly how the colour and contrast of the pic will look.

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23/365 Got a Light Mac?

I’ve been looking at the studio pictures of the ’40s see. You know the ones. They used to send them out to all the fans with a fake signature on ’em. Anyways so I got to thinkin’. I wonder if

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22/365 Going National

This might seem a bit lame but it was fun all the same.

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21/365 Season’s Colours

This one was entirely made today but has been brewing for more than a year. As you might guess I have a use for it in mind and am having my people speak with their people. I may or may

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20/365 Raoul

From what is known in America as a high school senior shoot today. Had a bunch of guys to shoot messing around with cars and bikes. Good fun. There are some other pictures from this session in one of my

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At the Window

Another from the shoot with Des.

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19/365 Des

I hadn’t seen Des to talk to for at least 10 years. We met today by chance and later organised a session which took place around 11:30pm. This was one of several keepers.

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18/365 Red Hot

Jasmine is back. This was one of those times when the idea came in a flash, the setup took about 5 minutes, the shoot took less than 5 minutes and the processing took two hours. For those who might not

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17/365 Drink Deep My Friend

No prizes for guessing the inspiration behind this. I had planned a completely different concept with two or even three models but one of them dropped out at the last moment and I had to come up with something quick.

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What is a Portrait? or How Much do you Charge?

What is a portrait? This is going to be one long post. If you aren’t an artist you’ll probably be better off skipping it. If you are an artist you might still be better off skipping it but you may

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16/365 Caroline

Caroline is a management consultant. She wanted a picture appropriate for a biography. Shot with a single Vivitar 285 in a softbox camera right and quite high up pointing down. Two minutes setup and no more than 4 minutes for

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15/365 Chandleresque

Okay so what’s the story with this? Well I had several opportunities to make pictures today but I decided to “leave it till later” when I thought my best opportunity would come. So of course it turned out that wasn’t

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14/365 You Want to Buy What???

“I was just thinking about buying a Nikon D3S”. This is Linnie who is actually a very nice lady from oop North.  The idea for the pic came to me a few weeks ago when I was speaking to two

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13/365 Fruit Bowl

For at least a week I’ve been avoiding this picture. I just hadn’t come up with an idea of how to light and compose it. Tonight I was not feeling like making a picture for today. The last few days

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Art and Creativity – The Short Answer

I just read a question on Flickr. Someone asked if certain kinds of graphics software is taking the art and creativity out of photography. This was my short reply. I’ll be gentle:-) Where does the “ART and CREATIVITY” lay? When

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12/365 Jasmine

Jasmine is easy and fun to work with and she is perfectly happy to carry on for hours working with me till we get what we want. She is a student of photography so I think that might have something

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11/365 At the park

Family day today. Took my two year old son to the park. Got these amonst others. They aren’t perfect but they really capture the delight and de light isn’t bad either.

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10/365 Charlie’s Picture

This is Charlie of London wedding and portrait photographers Charlies Pictures. Shot with two strobes. One camera left is blue gelled and is fired through a wooden box lid that had some holes in it. It gave an interesting background

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9/365 You’re Never Alone With A Shadow

I’ve been meaning to shoot with Lee for a while. He can be a hero or a villain with ease and I had this particular image in mind for a few weeks but we hadn’t managed to get together to

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8/365 The Set

This is the patio at Saint Hill Manor. I was here today shooting garden furniture for a web site. There are these great aged flagstones and gorgeous pillars and the sun was getting low and I thought this was a

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8/365 On The Roof

Today I had a call from a client who asked if I were free today. I said yes. He said good. Be at blah blah in one hour for a shoot. Well okay. I like to work. But this was

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7/365 Give Me A Headline

This began as a simple concept and rapidly became more complex. Originally it was just to be a girl’s hand reaching for an apple. But then I had Jasmine get behind the apple just to see what it would look

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6/365 Angelo

This is Angelo. A frequent question from sitters is “What shall I do with my hands?” One solution is to give them something to hold. In this case it worked out well. Angelo skimmed the book, a treatise on economics

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Horsted Keynes Station

This is Horsted Keynes Station which is part of the Bluebell Line in Sussex. The line is shortly to run as far as East Grinstead to Sheffield Park. I’m intending to get some movie scene type shots at this station

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