Month: February 2010

5/365 Orchids

Well today’s pic was quite a bit of work. I had shot two other setups before I did this one. The first was daffodils and it had some merits but I really didn’t like the composition and couldn’t find a

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4/365 Fruit

Lit with two large softboxes one to the rear and the main one to camera left. Plus lots of processing to keep the fruit more or less natural looking while giving it centre stage over the wooden background.

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3/365 Sad Max

Meet Max. Not sure if the mood matches the face. But what a face. He’s a wow with the girls.

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2/365 Rosie

Well if the rest of this 365 is as interesting and revealing to me as the first two days then it won’t just be worthwhile it will be worthwhile in spades. This is Rosie. She lives with a private tuition

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1/365 Cheddar

I thought I’d start off with something different. I’ve never shot food before. It was a learning experience. Among other things next time I’ll know to make sure everything in the shot that isn’t part of the food doesn’t have

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The 365 Thing*

So I’ve just this minute decided to do a 365 thing. Was it just an impulse? No. Truth is I’ve kinda been thinking about it for months. The reservation was that I thought I might not have the time to

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What Makes For A Good Portrait?

Or any other kind of art really? I’ve just been cruising around the net looking at  work by other portrait photographers I admire and had a thought that I thought worth sharing. Have you ever tried to watch a movie

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Aled and Sian

Aled and Sian came over yesterday for a shoot. Here are some of the shots. These are the English equivalent of high school senior portraits if there is an English equivalent. If there isn’t then I’ll just have to get

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On Being Creative

Last night I came across Chase Jarvis’s “The Consequences of Creativity” video. I remember seeing at least two of his teaser ads for this and a subsequent spoof of one of those by Joe McNally. These were really good but

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And a most welcome one at that. I have been busy in London for a few days and just got back. So I’m catching up on email and blogs I follow and there is what looks to be a cool

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Can I Go In The Water?

“Yes but if you get your clothes wet you’ll have to walk home. I don’t want my car seats to get wet and muddy”. So off she goes with her sister and cousin and they look so good with the

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In Search of Style

What Kind of Photographer Am I? One of the purposes of putting up this web site is to showcase my work to potential clients. For that purpose I have a section called “portfolio”. In that section I put some examples

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Editing A Shoot

Here is yet another pic from an old shoot that I had overlooked at the time. There was another image of this same subject that I liked a whole lot better, in fact it is in my portfolio for that

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With And Without A Studio

I’ve been wanting a studio for at least two years. Pretty much since I got a reasonable grasp of lighting. Since then I have dreamed of having a space I can have lights permanently set up with some props and

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Finding A Context

These two guys looked okay in the studio shot, which is straight out of camera, but I felt they needed to be somewhere grittier. I also wanted more of a documentary style and more of a film look. This is

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Another from 2008

Another from the same day as Orv below. This is Lacey. In fact this is another one I missed when I first looked at what I had. It has been very slightly cropped and colour balanced but other than that

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This was shot around Christmas 2008 but I only just got around to processing it. I had setup in a room and just had people come down and made several pictures of each of them. At the time my only

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The Post I May Regret Later

Been thinking about my business, my blog and my future. Every day I read several blogs by other photogs and have been doing so for at least two years. I am on several mailing lists to do with photography. I

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Pepper Spray Anyone?

Two great friends Ann and Farouk (see their site here) agreed to act out one of my darker fantasies on Sunday night. I had several shots in mind but the weather (at least -50 in London) put paid to that

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