Month: January 2010

Another Aled Before and After

Same session. Before. I like the idea and the pose but the sky is just an interruption and the image lacks crispiness. Here’s the after. A bit more of a ’70s album cover look. Some people might be offended by

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Aled – Before and After

I’ve been told to put my before and after images in that order so here is the before first. It isn’t particularly exciting. But I’d been imagining the end result for about a week before we did the shoot which,

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Sometimes there is no one else around

It took around 29 attempts to get the pose right. I bashed my shin on the chair several times in the rush to get into position. I’m happier with it than I thought I would be. Here’s the almost straight

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Aaron – before and after processing

Above is the finished result and it took a bit of work. It started with simple removal of dirt marks on the background and general cleanup. There were curves, colour balance and saturation adjustments.  Lots of dodging and burning. Noise

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Making Sunshine With Josh

David Hobby of Strobist has been banging on about “on axis fill” for a while and I finally remembered I wanted to play with the idea a little when I was in a situation that might warrant it. That situation

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I’m just done with the processing on the above image of Alex. I like it. I hope he does too. Below you can see the image as it appeared straight out of camera. So rather than describe everything I did

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Shadows; Their Cause and Cure

More than half a lifetime ago I attended an art college where I studied photography. Now things may have gotten better since then but I somehow doubt it. Most of the students, myself included, were at college to avoid work

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Danny worked really hard for hours to get a really good finish on this van. It took me about 20 minutes to get a good finish on him! This was shot with the available light in a car park in

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Movie Scene Theme

I’m liking the idea of pictures that look like scenes from movies. This is the first in what I expect may become a long series. If you’d like to appear or assist in one use the contact page to let

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