18/365 Red Hot

Jasmine is back.

red hot

Red Hot

This was one of those times when the idea came in a flash, the setup took about 5 minutes, the shoot took less than 5 minutes and the processing took two hours.

For those who might not know what processing is it is a bit like sculpting. You know the image you want is in there. You just have to chip away at it toning down certain parts, toning up other parts, adjusting the colours and contrast and level of sharpness and blur and light and dark, etc. until it finally comes right.

This was always going to be a composite image, meaning there were two images shot that had to be put together for the final image. The hands were to be disembodied so the body had to be removed. (Don’t ask where I put it. Nobody has to know. And besides that if there isn’t a body there isn’t a case against me.)

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